Heaving into a bench press is when you are losing tightness and letting the bar drop onto your stomach or sternum. You pull the bar into you, letting that shoulder internally rotate a bit, and then you chuck it back up.

Losing Tension Can:

  • Cause an injury.
  • Loose out on strength and muscular gains, especially if you are not training the full motion.
  • Void your lift in competitions, if you are getting red lights.

A Couple Of Fixes:

1. Tempo Bench Press, taking a lighter load, sometimes 50, 60, even 80%, then have a certain set of seconds in which you are pulling down and pressing up with a tempo. A basic one would be 3 seconds down, controlling the full movement, pause for a second on your chest and press the bar three seconds up.

2. To prevent injury, keep the back tight, really retracting the scapula. Squeeze the shoulder blades down and back, making your traps a foundation to press off. Use your laps, traps or rear delts to really squeeze your back into place and make it safer and more stable during the bench press. Make sure your elbows underneath or in front of the barbell to keep the shoulder in a better position.

3. If you are having issues with heaving, shoulder pain, red lights, or are not getting stronger, keep your head on the bench. This helps keep the sternum highs and then press with your quads and gluts, pushing yourself onto your traps.

4. You need to be in control of the barbell during the whole bench, squat, dead lift, overhead, whatever you are doing. Hopefully this will help you. Stay safe, press more weight, and protect your shoulders.


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