Why Your Strength Program Might Not Build You Muscle

This is something that is more common than you'd think. Essentially, for those that want to get strong, you have accumulated too much fatigue(which you need to do for strength) which then leaves you unable to get sufficient volume to build muscle. So the main thing is, most strength programs do not have sufficient volume to drive hypertrophy.

The goal in strength programs is specificity(as it is in most things), excelling in that one area, getting stronger. Which means its not good at gaining muscle mass. So, if you are really focused on getting stronger after all your gym work for the day, do you have the energy to complete hypertrophy movements? No.Honestly, most people don’t just want one or the other, Strength OR Size, they want a combo of both.

How do we train both(For someone who doesn’t plan on competing)? How do I continue to get strong and get jacked? For most its going to be easier by getting strength specific on your hypertrophy program. IF you want to get that strength work in and start building on it, you can add in singles work to train that strength component and get a more powerbuilding type program. If you are a bodybuilder and are used to doing more volume, get strength specific by adding in 1-2 singles at an RPE 8 or 9, before you do your primary movements. Do that top single, do normal work and then go do your accessories.