How To Factor In Illness Into Your Program

When we get sick do we continue where we left off in our program OR do we have to reset completely and lose all of our progress? This all depends on what kind of sickness we have. As humans, we get sick, its bound to happen sometime. We might get a cold and are out for a few days to a week OR maybe we get a bad flu and are potentially out for weeks, maybe even a month.

If you are sick for a few days or a week, you can take that time off and then resume where you left off in your program. If you were on week 5 and had to take it off due to sickness(cold, fever, chills, etc.) and feel 100% again at the end of that week, you can hop back in your program right where you left off.

If you were in the middle of a peak, and you were supposed to hit triples at 90% and you are still floored in your first week back, you will need to probably go several weeks back to reset. Most programs work in waves. The wave works like so, building, resetting(higher than previous wave), building, resetting(higher than previous wave), etc. So if you do not feel 100% coming off that sickness, drop back to that most recent reset. That might be 2-4 weeks back and then continue from there. If you were out for a month, then absolutely be sure to reset. Just be sure to take in the severity of your sickness and recovery and reset if you need to, to minimize your overall downtime.

We would recommend not trying to push through your sickness just so you don’t have to reset back a few weeks. Its not good for you short or long term. Just focus on recovery and then minimize your downtime once you have recovered.

- Mike & Omar