Quick & Easy Squat Tips

Watch the above video to see these tips(below) applied.

Multiple things we look for in a squat. Maintain neutral back, squeeze our traps together, those scapula together, keep that nice firm platform for the bar to sit on, we want to hit depth, with the hip crease below the knee and for our knees to get over about mid foot at the bottom(this will look different depending on height).

Sometimes going slightly wider can be more efficient with reaching depth. The closer stance you have the longer range of motion. Range of motion isn't the end all be all, because then everyone would be squatting as wide as possible. With that wide stance though, we lose our stability. So its really a balance between, stability, balance and how much rebound you can get plus range of motion.

When we move those feet out a little bit we want to be sure we try and keep our toes more straight. Typically we want anywhere from straight to about 15-30%. It all depends on the person, their mobility and their levers. Each coach also has their own preference but it really depends on you, how you move and where we can get those knees to look more optimal. So adjust to be sure we get those knees over mid foot.