Tips For Tall Squatters

Tall people can squat very well BUT most are just not taught proper form and/or don’t practice it. Getting into it, what is different about a tall persons squat versus that of shorter.

The first obvious answer is the longer legs. We have to find a way to hit depth while getting our femurs out of the way. Knowing this we see a lot of peoples answer to this problem being squat wider, like a geared powerlifter does, with the knees way out there. An issue with this approach is often, not always, taller people will not have the required mobility in their hips to perform that. So getting that wide stance while getting our knees over our mid foot just might not be possible.

We also might see some heel movement on the lift. We just have to make sure we are loosening up the ankles and calves a bit before we lift. Referencing the example from the video(above), his ankles do internally rotate slightly, losing a bit of stability in the ankles and knees, so using a slight heel can help overcome this or just working on that issue, over time, can remedy it.

If you are a beginner(not just tall beginners) using a safety squat bar can be a big help. We don’t have to worry about where the barbell is and we just need to focus on getting that leg stimulus. We just need to work on growth, gaining strength, just moving that weight around and getting used to it and the feeling of squatting.

The general queues for this lift will be the same. Make sure you film your lifts so that you can go back and see what is happening and potentially fix your issues.

  • Break at the knees and the hips.
  • Place the barbell where it doesn’t hurt you.
  • If you are a powerlifter try and get it to that low bar position eventually(doesn’t need to be right away)
  • Breathe and brace (throw on a loose belt just to help you learn to breathe and brace properly)