Training Will NOT Make You Lose Weight

As the title says, training alone will not make you lose weight. We aren't trying to be a downer, we just want to be real about something that most of us don't know. A ton of us think we lose a lot more calories while we are in the gym, than we actually do. Resistance training is not an efficient method of burning calories. Per hour, walking is superior. Walking for 20 or 30 minutes can burn more calories than entire hour long workout. We think of training as a big burner of calories because its difficult, but just because something is difficult doesn’t mean it calorically intense.

Normal cardiovascular work, running sprinting, interval training is likely superior if your goal is to simply expend calories! Training as it relates to body composition is very important when it comes to maintaining or building muscle mass. A lot of people believe that training is one of the necessary vehicles to lose weight. Training when losing weight is meant to preserve or build muscle mass, not to dramatically increase your caloric expenditure.

Recent research that has just come out has found that the men in the study burned on average 160 calories per workout(average workout, 20 total sets). Alternatively they would burn 250-350 calories if they went for a slow walk. (Watch the video above for more in depth information). To put this all in perspective, a health male that deadlifts 405 for 8 Reps will burn about 1 calorie per rep(8-10 calories total). This goes to show how inefficient training is when it comes to burning calories. 100 reps of a 405lb deadlift is equivalent to a good 20 minute walk.

Why do we say all this? Because we don’t want anyone thinking that training alone will make you lose weight. If you have been killing it in the gym and you still can't figure out why you aren't losing weight, you have to start looking at how much you are eating. Training doesn’t automatically mean you get to eat thousands of extra calories a week. Training is a great supplement to weight loss. Training is there to help maintain your muscle and build that muscle. It’s a great assistance overall but not the end all be all of weight loss.