How To Build A Massive Chest (100 Rep Workout)

So this time we are talking all about building a massive chest using compound movements and practical guidelines that will allow you to shape your workouts if your goal is to maximize hypertrophy. This is for those who are focusing on hypertrophy NOT STRENGTH . There is going to be a noticeable difference when training for strength versus hypertrophy. For hypertrophy we are going to have higher intensity, more specificity movement wise and less total volume.

We are assuming we have already hit our desired strength level and are now focusing on getting the size on the chest. We are going to set a goal, which is to perform 100 total repetition with compound chest focused movements. This will be a 4-8 week project that will be RPE focused.

What is RPE? RPE is Rate of Perceived Exertion, it is a scale from 1 to 10 that attempts to assess the difficulty of a set. A 10 would be a true absolute max (you could do no more weight). In general you train between an RPE 6-9 for accessory movements. An RPE 9 would let you do only one more rep, with an RPE 8, you would leave about 2 and RPE 7 would be about 3 reps in the tank from your absolute max. So when we say Face Pull @ RPE 8 this means you would do select a weight where you can do the prescribed number of reps (30) while still leaving a few good reps in the tank.

The idea is to accumulate enough quality repetitions to stimulate a hypertrophic response. To make sure our workout is effective, we'll have a couple rules. IF we do 15-20 reps, it becomes harder to assess the RPE of the set. We want to make sure we are at that 12 or less rep range, this guarantees that the weight will be at that certain threshold that will likely lead to hypertrophy. Choose 3-5 movements to get to the 100 quality reps! Choose the ones that you think/feel will give you the most hypertrophy gains. If you need upper chest work, choose more incline work, etc.

We are training at that certain intensity to be sure we achieve growth. Often times we see people push the volume but then the intensity drops. We want to maintain that intensity throughout and achieve the necessary volume. We do not think you are going to gain strength while doing this! We are doing this for a specific reason(getting a jacked chest) and you need to know that going in and be sure you know what your goal is.

The Breakdown:

1. Perform 100 total repetitions with compound chest focused movements.

2. Every set should be between an RPE 7-9 (1-3 reps left in the tank). In other words, each set is challenging.

3. Select any rep range between 5-12 (after 12 it becomes hard to assess RPE).

4. Select 3-5 movements to complete these 100 total quality reps.

5. To accumulate localized fatigue, try to complete these sets in less than 1 hour total.

Sample Routine: Week 1

1. Pause Bench Press 5x5 @ 75%.

2. Incline Bench Press 4x6 @ RPE 8.

3. Dips 3x8 @ RPE 8.

4. Wide Grip Decline Press 3x10 @ RPE 9.

Total Reps: 103

Weeks 2-3: Increase Exercise #1 by 2.5% intensity. Then go back down to 75% and keep repeating the process (except consider adding an extra set of 5) Every second week, feel free to add in one more compound set somewhere. Once you reach ~120 reps in one hour, deload back down to 100 and gradually build up again.