3 Best Chest Exercises For Muscle Gain

This is all about the 3 top exercises to build your best chest.We want those big pecs and the exercises to get us there. So what we have found to have the best gains is from a three fold method, based around strength and progress. Just like we are always saying, if we want to progress in something we have to have that slow overload. Once you get into that intermediate lifter territory, its no longer a, lets add weight to the bar each week type of deal. You have to have a plan in place to continue making progress. So we will have to progress in either doing more reps, doing more sets or adding in small increments of weight.

I like to always focus on strength with the first movement. So with that in mind, the first movement is the Bench Press. In this case it’s the flat barbell bench(old faithful). In this case the bench press allows us to build the most amount of strength, it’s the movement that most people can lift the most amount of weight on for long term. Which is good for muscle stimulation. We just want to be sure to hit a variety of rep ranges to stimulate different muscle fibers and continue to build strength while getting a different stretch and stimulus on them. We would want to train this around 2-3 times a week with a variety of reps. The first session could be sets of 3-5 at 3-5 reps in the 80% range, the second session could be a little lighter at 3 sets of 6-10 reps at 55-70% and the third session could be a little lighter at 3-5 sets at around a 70% range. With this we are hitting a wide range of reps while stimulating the muscle, allowing us to progress.

Dumbbell Incline Press. For this exercise we want to be sure to squeeze those pecs. We are going to get a slightly higher pec stimulation, working those muscle fibers up top. We like a smaller angle, lower than a 45, so slightly above a flat bench. For this exercise we are going to want to use higher rep ranges and perform the exercise about 2 to 3 times a week at about sets of 7 on one day and on day two sets of 10-12 with a few left in the tank.

The Pec Fly. This is a great isolation movement at the end of your workout. We use these at higher rep ranges and don’t stress the weight too much. We might do the same rep range for each workout, with reps at 8-12 or even 10-15. What we want to try and do is use similar loads each week, but add a rep or add in a set with each coming week. We love the cable fly, it’s smooth and allows for constant tension on the pecs. Dumbbell flys are also good but the cable just does it for us.

Ending thoughts: Always be sure to focus on your form, don’t let it get sloppy. We like to usually keep 1 or 2 reps in the tank. As soon as you go to failure, you're going to allow for technical breakdown which can lead to injury. Going to failure means you might be stimulating the muscle too much which means you can’t get that frequency over time. If you go all out on Monday and bench on Wednesday, you're going to be too fatigued to have your optimal performance.