The Basics Of Bulking & Fat Loss Everyone Should Know

Some people are able to eat whatever they want and lift as much as they want and still get jacked or lean. For most of us, it just isn't that way. We need to be more precise with procedures we do, the information we give out and how we attack our goals. There are tons of different variables that we need to control in order to make adjustments in order to continue making progress.

Hypothetically we have been training for 2 years. We are 160 lbs. Our lifts have stalled and the scale has stalled as well. Your body, your physique and your strength has stalled. Some of the things you can track everyday will allow us to get out of that rut or plateau and start making the gains we need. If you are saying you're eating a boatload, and you're not gaining weight, you're just not eating enough. If you're eating enough you will gain weight, if you're not eating enough you're going to lose weight. The way to track these things is by weighing ourselves everyday or every other day. Wake up, weigh yourself, write it down somewhere. Make sure you are using the same scale, wearing the same thing

Strictly Track your food! I suggest everyone does this for 6 months to 1 year. Get some kind of measuring cups and get some kind of food scale. The food scale might be all you need. Once you have those, weigh and measure ALL your foods. Once you do that be sure to track that food in an app such as MyFitnessPal, FitGenie, etc. You want to do that BEFORE you put that food in your mouth. If you like meal prepping or just prepping in general, you can make and track all your food the day before. That way you know exactly what you are getting and exactly what you can eat that next day.

If after 7 days of tracking and weighing yourself and your food and you are still averaging the same weight, then you can switch something up. So if you were at 2000 calories then you can maybe up that caloric amount to something like 2225 calories. If your goal is to build muscle during this be sure you are training, get some stimulus in those muscle. So the basics behind the process, is just to keep going through the process until you plateau, then you can change those calories again to continue progressing, simple right.

Now to Fat Loss, which is the exact same process as the bulking process above. We still weigh ourselves everyday and write it down, we still weigh and track all of our foods, it just done in a caloric deficit versus that surplus. We want to keep the calories consistent, if we plateau we can either take a few calories away or even do a little extra cardio to burn some extra calories. This will help us continue this progress over time. The whole process to this is simple, the actual doing of this process is not. It takes a lot of discipline and consistency from yourself. You just need to find a method that works for you, that will allow you to adhere to this process and stick to it over time. Find foods that match your lifestyle, find consistency in your training and adjust everything from there to find what sticks for you.