Fat Loss: Where do I start? What do I do?

So you want to drop some pounds or get shredded? Where the heck do we begin? Pop media floods our brains with fad diets, “new” secrets, and magic pills but the truth is we have to focus on the basics and change some habits.

The more strict or exact our goals are the more precise and dedicated a plan we will need. If you are planning to step on the bodybuilding stage we will have to look at our habits and nutrition under a microscope. If we simply want to lose a few pounds and feel a little better in our clothes we can simply change a few habits around our daily lives and eating and hit these goals no problem.

  • Focus in on whole foods that have a lot of nutrients.
  • Avoid drinking your calories.
  • Build a routine on a certain amount of meals a day and the timing of these meals.
  • Track your food.
  • Train for your specific goals.

Generally speaking, regardless of goals, we want to focus in on whole foods that have a lot of nutrients. Talking about vegetables, fruits and lean meats. Not to say we can't enjoy some processed foods or treats here and there but the majority of our meals should be whole. Other small tips that can help your long term success, avoiding drinking your calories and building a routine on how many meals a day (this is personal preference) and the timing of these meals. Having a regular schedule of meal time will allow our brains and bodies to adapt and we are much more likely to adhere to our plan with consistency.

Taking things to the next step, I often suggest people begin to track their food. You can use a pen/paper or a number of apps that are available for free. Weighing and tracking our food allows us to be a bit more accurate in our total calories and macro nutrient breakdown of what we are putting in our bodies daily. Once we get a baseline (1-2 weeks) of tracking we can begin to make adjustments in our calories and macro- ratios to allow us to not only progress in our fat loss but also feel good and fuel our training and lives.

In terms of the exercise component, although goal dependent, we want to train for our goals. The key here is to find any type of movement that we enjoy. This will allow us to have long-term success. Consistency over time is much more vital than the intensity in one single day. Don't be afraid to try new things and realize that in the case of lifting weights or learning the barbell movements, that even the most advanced lifter at one point stood exactly where you are, their first day under the barbell.