Take a Step Back

Sometimes you just need to take a step back, look at yourself in the mirror, and feel good about yourself. The fitness world is very focused on progress, on getting better, and that is absolutely the goal. It’s what we are all in it for and all chasing. Progress is the reason we spend time watching YouTube videos, or reading posts on Instagram. But it’s important to appreciate the progress you’ve already made, and not only focus on the progress you hope is to come.

And the things you feel proud of, the things that make you feel good, don’t need to be the superficial things that you actually see in the mirror. Sometimes the biggest and best things we achieve, no one sees but us. Tracking your calories for a whole cutting cycle, having a consistent sleep schedule for a month straight, or sticking to a program instead of hopping around. These are all PROGRESS, even though other people won’t see them when they look at you.

So, someone needs to appreciate these changes you are making, and it might as well be you. And use your success, your progress, as a reminder that you can achieve more. Let it give you confidence that all those things you want to accomplish are possible, within your reach, and go get them.

- Mike

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