Why You Should Already Be Losing Weight

“Perfect” is overrated. We will commonly see people putting things off because they are waiting for the perfect time to start. Maybe it’s dieting, or starting a new program, or even getting into the gym at all. Many people look for that optimal time to start doing something. But the reality is there is no perfect time to start. Some of you may have heard of training camps for weightlifters, particularly in Russia, where accommodations, food, scheduling, everything is taken care of. All you have to do is focus on lifting.

This might be as close to a perfect environment for lifting and training as you can get. But that’s not real life for 99.9% of people. Real life is work, family, school, travel, sickness, all of these things taking up your time and your mental capacity. Yes there are ebbs and flows. There will be quieter times and more stressful times, but predicting those is rarely easy and waiting for the right time will usually mean never starting.

I’m not trying to be a downer, quite the opposite. Yes, life is tough, but you can overcome these less-than-optimal situations and get to work RIGHT NOW. You don’t have to wait, and what’s more, you shouldn’t. If you want to start training for a strongman competition, start RIGHT NOW. If you want to drop 5lbs and get a little leaner, start RIGHT NOW. If you want to change your life, get healthier and lose a bunch of weight, start RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait, decide that you can overcome the stresses you are facing and go after what you want. It's never too late to start becoming a better you.

Best, Omar

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