Build the Expectation of Consistency

Being forced to miss gym sessions can be one of the biggest hurdles you’ll have to overcome. It can be very easy for a week missed due to illness(or a pandemic) to stretch out to a few weeks, which can set your training (and motivation) back a fair bit. Building a mindset that any forced time off from the gym, whether it’s illness, travel, family obligations, school, or anything else, will be temporary is an important part of getting strong. Let me explain.

Getting really strong requires lots of work, years of work. It requires putting session after session and training block after training block together, building on the last round and exceeding it in the present one. You need to build upon your previous work and keep pushing forward. Missing time in the gym stalls this process, it means that things go flat for a little, as you get back into the flow and eventually back to building. Missing a significant period of time in the gym can cause downward movement, you may actually take a step back and have to rebuild some lost progress. Minimizing the effect of missed time in the gym will mean that you don’t stall for as long and spend the most amount of time progressing possible. We’ll talk in future posts about ways to come back from a break and how to speed the process up, but the number one thing you have to do is actually come back.

Missing time in the gym is inevitable, things happen and no one is getting paid to train. We have to live our lives. Not letting these breaks grow longer than they need to, knowing that you are consistent and will be back in the gym and back into your routine as quickly as possible, will make sure you don’t waste time having to rebuild, and can focus on getting stronger and stronger. We know with things slowly opening up more you might need some help preparing to go back or increase your days at the gym. We made a free program, The Recharge, to help you get back in it and prepare your body to accept the training again. Check that out HERE.

- Silent Mike

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