Fun Is Underrated

Having fun is an underrated part of training. Many lifters are guilty of forgetting about enjoying themselves. It can be easy to get caught up in the grind, because it's real: to get strong you need to work hard for a long time, and sometimes, in order to get through that you just need to embrace the pain, frustration, and effort you have to put in. But this can make actually enjoying yourself take a back seat, and it doesn’t need to be that way.

Obviously having fun will look different for different people, and sometimes what is fun isn’t a great idea for training purposes. So finding a balance, finding a way to enjoy yourself intelligently is a very good idea. Some people love getting a pump, others like maxing out, and still others like taking 4 hours to do a session because they are goofing around in between each lift. Maybe you add some burnout sets at the end of workouts or an extra pump day at the end of the week. Maybe you add in some heavier work towards the end of each programming phase. Maybe you spend all day at the gym on Saturdays. Doing things that you enjoy will have a positive impact on your training. Walking into the gym for a session you are actually looking forward to doing feels great, and usually means you are pretty locked in and focused, giving your all during your sets and getting the most out of them. And THAT is what it comes down to when you are trying to get stronger.

On top of that, knowing how to have fun sometimes will help you get through those rough patches, where things are not moving like you want, and stress is creeping into the gym. Those hard times will come, and being able to get through them and keep pushing is integral to getting truly jacked and strong.

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