Managing Your Diet

Today we’ll talk about diet. People’s situations will look a little bit different right now depending on where they are, but for the most part we shouldn’t be going grocery shopping more than once a week to keep ourselves and others safe. This is a good opportunity to work on creating meal plans and practicing meal prep. Setting out a plan for the week is great for making sure you stick to your targets, whether you are cutting or not, and will also make your one shopping trip more efficient and useful.

We should also talk a bit about snacks. Whether from boredom or anxiety a lot of us will be tempted to snack, a lot. While it is definitely a good idea to have some tasty food around while stuck at home, making sure you don’t load up on snacks while you’re shopping will mean you simply can’t binge on high calorie snack foods, because you don’t have them at home. This is a fine line though. Sometimes, when we feel really down or stuck looking at the same 4 walls all time, an Oreo can go a long way.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you CAN set goals right now, you can track, plan, and execute. You can even use your food to help create a new routine to keep yourself mentally healthy and staying positive.

You got this!

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