I’m Sick Of Having Small Arms!

Heres the story, Its back and bicep day which means two really good back movements where you push em hard. We are going to warm up with some upright row and face pulls to get the delts and shoulders moving and warm. I’m going to do one hammer strength and one chin up. Then two bicep movements and two tricep movements. One with the elbows far away from the midline and one with the elbows on the midline for both movements. One being heavy and one being light on these. The heavy will be dictated by the rep scheme, with six to eight on one and ten plus on the other.

The goal here, being a hypertrophy day, will be proximity to failure (ONLY HYPERTROPHY GOALS) so we are going to be pushing the back and arms hard. WE WANT BIG ARMS! Since we want big arms we are going to get right up to failure (do not hit it though). We will start with one to two warm up sets to get the blood moving and flowing, get a little volume in. Then we will go one or two sets at that near failure we mentioned. We are okay with cheating a little bit on these reps as long as we are working on the mind muscle connection and feeling that muscle move close to failure. That’ll be mission success. (WORKOUT SHOWN AT BOTTOM)

There are many ways to program your hypertrophy. Slowly gathering volume over time, a little bit more reps, little bit more weight and that proximity to failure. Really push that proximity to failure to a 9 or 10 on the RPE scale. Get that progressive overload. If you are getting indirect work from your compound movements during the week you can get away with only working arms for about two days but can push that if you are working on a more direct hypertrophy focus for the arm. That all depends on your goals/priorities in the gym.

As always the goal week to week is to add volume/progressively overload with weight or a few more reps. Each exercise I like to have 1-2 “gimme” sets where i stake a light weight for 10+ reps to get warm then the working sets try to push yourself close to failure for the best hypertrophic stimulus.



- Hammer Strength: 2 x 8

- Face pulls: 2 x 12


- Chin ups: 3 x failure



- Tricep (elbows ext.) French press: 2 x 8

- Bicep (elbows at sides) Barbell curl: 2 x 10
- Tricep (elbows at side) Single arm pushdown: 2 x 12

- Bicep (elbow extended) Preacher curl: 2 x 12

From, Silent Mike

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