Tips On Losing Fat

Summertime is right around the corner and I know the number one thing on people's mind is how to get leaner and drop fat. The general concepts are easy right- count your macros, calories in vs calories out. Although this is true, adherence strategies and building small routines are the true backbone to helping you reach your goals.

There are the base rules like tracking your food and making adjustments but the key here is building habits and routine, even if they are small.

1. Timed meals:
Now meal frequency has no major impact on our fat loss itself but it can on our appetite. All humans do better with routine. Having the same sized, frequency and timed meals daily will allow us to have more success adhering to your diet.

2. Stay hydrated:
This is obviously beaten to the ground tip by everyone and every article but it's true. Drinking roughly 50% of your body weight in oz of water a day will set us up for success in many areas. We are much less likely to mistake thirst for hunger and grab higher calorie snack options. Being properly hydrated obviously helps in performance in and out of the gym also.

3. Sleep.
It matters. The topic of “recovery” is the most marketed and popular on social media fitness. The truth is we don't need or want extra recovery gimmicks. All we need is proper training, nutrition and sleep. The training being progressed intelligently allows our nutrition and sleep to prepare us and adapt to the incoming stimulus. There are a million studies on hunger, cognitive performance and mood being optimized by consistent and adequate sleep. This varies from person to person but another key tip is to keep your sleep times consistent. Going to bed and waking up at the same hours daily.

This may seem basic but can't be overstated. Adhering to the basics make up 99% of our success. This goes for strength and hypertrophy as well but keeping this in check for our fat loss journey is key. Go forward and becomest the most jackedest version my sons.

Silent Mike

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