Skinny Fat - Cut vs Bulk

WHERE MY DOOGS AT?! Do you like boobies? Just not your own…? The term skinny-fat gets thrown around all willy nilly but what does it mean? There is no true definition but typically it is an individual with higher body fat levels, no muscle but isn't super overweight. The question then is brought up….“Mike, I'm (fill in the blank) weight and (fill in the blank) height, should i cut or should i bulk??”.

Truth is I don't know and I don't care, just kidding, I care. Why? There are obvious health conditions that are associated with higher body fat levels and obesity, being at a healthy body fat % and resistance training is always better off for our health. We NEED to be healthy.


Healthy Body Fat % (Women)

Healthy Body Fat % (Men)









13%-24% (Graph Above)

Beyond these basic guidelines it is truly up to you to choose your goals on whether to enter a gaining phase or a cutting phase. No one knows what you want better than you. Shhh Top Secret tip: If you are a beginner or intermediate it may be possible to do some recomp, i.e. gain muscle while losing some fat. This can be achieved by eating maintenance or a very small surplus while simultaneously training at higher volumes. This is a decent strategy for some but may not be optimal for muscle gain or fat loss trying to chase both.

My advice for the majority is to choose one goal for 12-16 weeks and really chase it down before switching gears. Setting clear goals with deadlines, building habits and routine that further progresses you to your goals. After those 12 weeks reassess then set new goals whether its switching phases or your approach. We want to help educate and guide you through whatever goals you do choose but ultimately it is your decisions daily that will dictate your outcome(s).

- Silent Mike

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