I'm Tired....Do I Deload?

BUT MOMMM I'M TIREEEEDDD, I DON'T WANNA TRAIN SO HEAVY TODAY. Just kidding, let's max out for the 10th day in a row. The oh so heavily talked about deload. Today We are going over how to deload, why, when and how I personally go about it.

To be honest I think deloads are slightly overrated and over hyped. A deload is simply a small step back in training (most typically volume) proceeding after a few weeks or a block of hard training. It is a fine line of recovering from a hard push and also becoming slightly detrained. As we acclimate to more training stimulus, we are raising our fitness level in the particular area we are training.

Majority of the time in my experience as a lifter or coach, the deload is too drastic and too often. This negatively effects following training weeks as weights felt extremely heavy and slow.
Depending on the individual I think deloads aren't necessary for most.
I the case of most sub-maximal training for strength, we are staying further away from failure which also allows us to recover just fine and slowly scale volume.

Also the use of auto-regulation whether it be prescribed load ranges or RPE also allows us to continue progression without a large deload.

If and when I do utilize a deload based on athlete feedback or performance measures, I tend to scale volume much harder than I would intensity. My anecdotal experience over the last decade plus a good amount of scientific evidence shows that fatigue is much greater with more reps or the proximity to failure then it is with overall intensity- load closer to our 1RM. So to give the body a break, we may scale the volume 30-50% on some bigger movements while still keeping the specificity of the strength movements intensity high.

Now this might sound like some GURU-Rafiki gibberish but it's true. If your inner dialog is constantly telling yourself how tired and beaten you are, you'll likely perform worse and just be begging for a deload. Our bodies and minds are capable of adapting to insane circumstances. Soak up the struggle and keep pushing yourself. If i'm ever feeling a bit down, I turn my mindset to competitive mode, and focus extra on my food and sleep. NO DELOAD FOR THE HUNGY.

-Silent Mike

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