Being Sore + Setting Expectations

I DON'T FEEL STRONGER! I'M ALWAYS SORE! These are common thoughts and comments when we are heading into week 3 and 4 of any program. Strength is not linear nor does it happen overnight. See, stimulus from training often causes fatigue as we adapt and get more fit. This may make us feel a bit “weaker” but in fact it is a small step backwards for a leap forward. The idea of strength, ever changing, is a matter of how and when we want to display this strength. Powerlifting for example is about representing our best 1rep max in 3 lifts on a certain day, this is why “peaking” for powerlifting is so important. It is nearly impossible to be at our strongest and lift our best 365 days a year.

Regardless of your goal, it is completely normal to not feel super explosive and a bit sore heading midway into a program. Adding new frequency or volume it takes 2-4 weeks for our bodies to adjust and find a new bottom-line of fitness.

MYTHS: Soreness is not the greatest indicator of progress or of a good workout.

Being sore does not mean that we cannot workout or train the sore muscle group. Any new stimulus-volume, movement, frequency can cause soreness. This is why we program to slowly progress over time to make as consistent gains as possible.

If your schedule only allows you to train weekdays, training 5x a week is totally fine. When possible we want to split up our main lifts or body parts evenly throughout the week. If we bench 2x a week, benching Monday and Thursday for example is often most optimal. But if we are benching 4x a week training it back to back is not the end of the world. We may feel a bit fatigued and performance may suffer for the first 2-4 weeks but soon after we will adapt and be feeling stronger than ever. This is a common question and fear of many athletes trying to change to a different schedule or frequency.

- Silent Mike

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