Recovery: Rest Periods Between Sets, How Long A Workout Should Take, Nutrients

CREATINE, BCAAS AND A HYPERBOLIC TIME CHAMBER(if you know, you know).We always, I mean always, get asked, "how do I improve/maximize my recovery". Sadly there is no magic answer or pill to recovery. All we can do is cover our bases and check off the boxes. Long term recovery relies on proper programming *we got you covered*, Nutrition and sleep. Short term recovery or optimizing our days and training however we have a few tricks,

1. Nutrient timing: Eating a good amount of your daily carbohydrates prior to your training session can help with energy and powering through your workout.

2. Proper rest periods: On our main movements (compound barbell movements) we want to take a long break between our working sets, 2-4 minutes. This allows us to give optimal energy, mental and physical concentration to each set. (with our accessory movements we can take slightly shorter breaks and still get good work in)

3. Sleep: We all know sleep is one of the most important things for physical and mental health, in and out of the gym. Setting concrete bedtimes and wake times allow our body to adjust and find more constant recovery and energy.

4. Bulk-calorie surplus: Generally speaking, eating more calories, protein, will allow you to recover and gain more muscle. We don't necessarily need to be in a bulk to gain strength although it may help. Gaining muscle is a long difficult road. We don't need to eat 15,000 calories a day and crush McDonalds nightly. All we need is a slight surplus to help gain weight consistently over time. Of course the added food will aid in recovery, muscle gain and strength.

I wish I had a secret pill or a perfect answer to recovery for you all but it really all lies in the combination of these habits, consistently, over time. Proper program leads the way with the progressions. Last note, being sore doesn't mean you aren't recovered and also does not indicate a “good” workout. Soreness is common in any training, don't be afraid to train a sore muscle, this is common. Warmup properly, eat, train hard and sleep. Live the Grizzly life and gains await you at the end my friends.

Love Silent Mike aka your Grizzly King

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