Training While Losing Weight

We need to be real about expectations in the gym during a period of fat loss. For many people it will be difficult to build strength due to their decreased caloric intake. Expecting to see the same sort of progress when you are losing weight as you did when you were gaining will usually lead to disappointment.

But I am not telling you to give up on the gym. On the contrary, lifting weights is an integral part of successful fat loss. What I am saying is you maybe need to shift your focus while at the gym. A fat loss phase is an excellent time to focus on technique, on perfecting the lifts you are doing.

This will work well for 2 reasons.

  1. You can work on technique with any weight, and often lighter weights are better, meaning you can keep doing this no matter how far into your cut you are.
  2. Improving technique means that when you do start to gain weight again and focus more specifically on strength, you will be set up to make some serious gains. Better technique will mean the weights go up easier and you can get back to and then surpass what you were doing before much more quickly.

The main reason I suggest this approach is to prevent any negative feelings that might creep in. If you are expecting to lose 10lbs and put 20lbs on your bench, you are not going to be happy towards the end of your cut. This means you are more likely to bail and start overeating. Setting appropriate expectations from the start will help you be consistent, motivated, and ultimately successful. So pick some parts of your lift that you know need work, and focus on fixing them while you lose weight.

- Omar

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