Holiday Fat Loss: It's a war

ITS A WAR! For as long as fitness social media has been popular (8ish years) we have constantly been bombarded with information on how to attack our diet/nutritional strategies for the holidays. One side is telling us to not track, take the mental break and YOLO. The other side is showing us charts on how many burpees we must execute in order to counter-act 3 bites of Auntie Sue’s pecan pie. As always the truth lies somewhere in between these two battling sides. Now all of this advice goes out the window if you are a professional athlete or even elite/competitor in powerlifting or bodybuilding.

I personally lean slightly more towards the YOLO, WITH A FEW EXCEPTIONS. Five years from now you won't remember gaining a few lbs in the winter of 2020, but you will hopefully have some wonderful memories spending time with your loved ones.

Now you don't want to throw all of your hard work and progress out the window. A few simple tips I go by.

  1. Generally, have a plan but DO NOT overthink the situation. It's okay to get a little exercise and have a healthy snack before going to your family's events.
  2. Focus on protein. Although cookies make an amazing appetizer, try to get some kind of protein in every meal. Now this should be a great rule to follow 365 days a year if strength or muscle building is one of your goals to begin with.
  3. Eat some vegetables. Again, not that apples aren't a great nutrient dense fruit, only eating apple pie with rocky mountain sized vanilla ice cream on top isn't also part of our “plan”. Try to get some vegetables in with dinner as well.
  4. Make decisions based on your goals. Obviously we all have our own journey and goals when it comes to fitness. That will lead you to make your own decisions come holiday fat loss/nutrition.

When it's all said and done, one day or one meal won't make or break the majority of our goals. Try to stick to your plan as much as you can the days leading up to and after the holidays. As we know nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. Stay active, enjoy your time with your loved ones and don't stress a few extra cookies.

- Silent Mike

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