Do You Use Supplements?

A wise man once told me, maybe you're born with it or maybe it's creatine. 12 years ago, there was very little science based information to be found on the internet. Young Mikey wanted to get really really jacked and ended up wasting hundreds of dollars on supplements his first few years of chasing strength. I would buy anything and everything (legal) that the GNC guy told me. After furthering my research and learning about supplements(shout out, I went cold turkey for nearly a decade, besides copious amounts of caffeine.

Generally speaking the supplement industry is completely unregulated and uses false hope of quick results to sell those looking for their unrealistically portrayed dream physique. The truth is 99% of your goals will take years of dedication to the gym and your nutrition with zero supplementation. That being said there are some products, for convenience, that will allow many people to adhere to their nutrition long term i.e. protein powders and bars etc. Simple convenient food supplements that will help protein intake when whole foods aren't as accessible.

Obviously there are some supplements that have a good amount of research behind them, such as creatine monohydrate, that can help assist you in your physique and strength goals. As I am about to begin my rebuild, after taking a hiatus for personal reasons then a forced break from covid, my plan is to take 5 grams of creatine monohydrate daily and a little dose of caffeine before training. There are others such as beta-alanine and citrulline malate that can also have some benefits in strength training and performance over the long term.

So, these days we have tons of different options when it comes to supplements and much more information than we had 12 years ago. My question for you is do you use any supplements? If you do, what for and how often?