How To Stay Motivated

The key to mastering any skill or talent is longevity. The old adage of 10,000 hours to become an expert holds fairly true. Lifting, strength and attaining your physique goals are no different. The difficult part is how do we stay motivated or better yet build the discipline to conquer our goals that may take us 5-10 years. The key here lies in the individuals needs.

For some the gym is the favorite part of their day, for these people it is easy to escape life and hit the weights week upon week. I find that this group is a smaller percentage of people and even over time it will fade. We need to look deeper into ourselves and see what allows us to stay consistent. A few examples of what's work for me and the hundreds of clients I've worked with.

1)Following a program. Having clear cut directions ahead of time on what my intent/workout is for the day. This allows me to build the foundation of my routine which is what I rely on for my discipline and consistency.

2) Having a routine. For me this is as simple as having a program, choosing times and days that I go to the gym every week. For others this may be more in depth as having a coffee, certain meal or outfits they also do before going into train. This is the customization part that you'll need some self reflection to see how in-depth to build your routine, hourly, daily, weekly.

3)Environment. For the majority of people I think this is the most overlooked aspect of training. People simply go to the most convenient gym in their life, that has a barbell or equipment they require. Equipment is one of the last things I look for in a training facility. I personally get a sense of the vibe just from stepping into the building. Are people working hard? Are there others in this space that have the same goals as me? Is this somewhere I feel good stepping into ? If you are truly passionate about your goals then spending a few extra dollars on membership or driving an extra 10 minutes might be worth it in the long term for your physical and mental health.

- Silent Mike