Diet Adherence

We all know the key to reaching our goals inside and outside of fitness is long term adherence. When it comes to nutrition and food however this becomes very difficult for many of us. The media seems to have agendas pushing one diet or another and claiming some foods will automatically make us fat(or skinny). I truly believe the piece that is missing and needs to be individualized, is our mental approach to our daily meals.

For some we may need to eliminate “trigger” foods, foods that we have extreme difficulty in handling moderation of or that make us crave more calorie dense foods. I think the majority of us do best when eating a well balanced diet. What does this balance mean, that everyone speaks of? To me this means the majority of our meals are based around whole foods, lean meats, veggies and fruits. This balance approach also means that we allow ourselves to enjoy foods we love.

Food is a large part of many cultures from the food preparation, the style of cooking and also the social aspect of enjoying meals together. I think fitting this into your daily life, in moderation, is key to enjoying foods without over consuming calories or making food a roadblock to our success and goals.

So how do we overcome this and fit food into our daily lives in moderation? Unfortunately, overall it is a bit of trial and error to see what allows us long lasting success while still being able to take steps towards our fitness goals. What's your greatest struggle with day to day eating and adhering to a more balanced nutritional strategy? What is the hardest part for you?

Adherence Tips:

  • Eat a balanced diet (one that works for you)
  • Track your food
  • Be realistic (dont choose extreme goals)

- Silent Mike

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