What Can I Expect Going Back To The Gym

Many of us have anxiety over taking long periods of time off from training. We fear we have lost all of our hard earned muscle and strength that has taken countless grueling hours to attain. FEAR NOT! Muscle memory is a thing. The added stress about getting back in routine does not serve any purpose to reach our current goals.

Going in with a new slate allows us to break old habits and in some senses take advantage of the time off. Our minds and bodies are fresh for the stimulus and return to programming. We have the Xs and Os(essentially a playbook) approach that’s coming COMPLETELY FREE this next week. It's a program/guide that will lead you back to where you were with the sets and reps to guide you back to making gains. Many things will be difficult physically/mentally getting back into the gym. Each challenge will be different based on us as individuals.

Some of us may find that getting back to the routine and scheduling our days, training and meals may be the most challenging. Others the biggest hurdle will be the shortened period of "starting anew" and seeing their barbell loaded with decreased poundages. Many will struggle with "how" weights feel. Deadlifting 225 used to feel like thin air and not feel a bit heavy on our grip and our bodies. DO NOT LET THIS DEFEAT YOUR EFFORTS.

All of these hurdles are in our heads. These are tiny speed bumps that will last a matter of a few days or weeks. Your training after a bit of hard work (something all lifters are here for) will be right back to where you began. A few short weeks of feelings out of shape and quickly turn around and lead us to lifetime PRs.