Embrace Uncertainty

Last week I gave you some programming suggestions if you are feeling uncertain or anxious while prepping for a meet. I want to keep talking about that issue today, and I want to tell you that it is OKAY to feel anxious or stressed when you are prepping. When I compete, I have trouble getting to sleep for the month leading up to meet day because all I can see when I close my eyes is myself on the platform. This is normal stuff, it happens to us all.

If you are feeling uncertain about the weights, maybe you aren’t sure what you are going to hit or where your strength is at, that’s OKAY too! Chances are, if you feel this way you haven’t been competing long. Generally the longer you compete the better you will get at judging your strength levels because you’ll have more experience prepping. But I think it’s important to remind newer lifters that it’s okay to not hit your maxes at a meet. Because this is usually the cause of lifters’ concerns: they worry that because they don’t know what their max is, they won’t hit it at the meet. But early on in your competitive career, that’s not really a bad thing.

It is way more fun to hit all of your lifts, and leave a bit of weight on the platform, than to have some specific numbers in mind and come up short. It is good to embrace some of the uncertainty, it means the pressure is off, you are just there to hit the best numbers you can. Because the next meet will come, and whatever you do at this meet, you will beat it at the next one!

- Nigel, Kizen Coach (IG @captain.planet)