One Of The Main Limiting Factors At The Gym....Time

Time is one of the main limiting factors in the gym. Some people have 3 hours 4-5 times a week to spend in the gym, and for them the issue becomes avoiding doing too much, but for most people the concern when programming or planning is how to maximize the time they do have. That’s because for them time is a limited resource.

How most good programs and coaches deal with this is by prioritizing. If someone has 1-2 hours to lift, we need to make sure they get the important stuff done. If they really need to work on their deadlift and we have deadlifts as the third movement every session, not only will they be tired by the time they get to them, but there is a chance they will run out of time and either be rushed or not able to do their deads at all.

Clearly, setting goals is important for prioritizing. It is hard to prioritize and maximize gym time if we don’t know what we want to work on. Establishing from the outset what you want to get done during a block of programming will help with the inevitable choices we need to make when balancing our time in the gym. The fact is we can rarely do everything we want to, whether due to time or energy constraints. So we HAVE to make choices about where to spend those resources. Think hard about what you want to do, about why you are in the gym each day, and make sure you are spending your time and energy on exercises that will help you accomplish those goals.

- Nigel, Kizen Coach (IG @captain.planet)