A Heavy Weight Will Feel Heavy

Heavy weights will always feel heavy. Any time you are hitting a new PR, a new max, that weight will feel like a max! But here’s the thing, we can condition our minds to perceive weights as heavier than they are, making those PRs that much harder to hit. If you spend a lot of time seeing a specific weight as the pinnacle, as this mountain that you are climbing, it can create a lot of anxiety and expectation that makes the weight feel even heavier. And once you’ve hit the weight, it puts you in a bad position to progress because what you just did was built up as the end goal.

Instead, it’s important to remind yourself that you are stronger and more capable than you think. It can help to get around people who can lift your max with ease. It helps to normalize the weight, seeing it lifted often, and shows you that our bodies and minds can do so much more than we realize when we start out.

Heavy weights will always feel heavy, but we shouldn’t make them feel even heavier by building them up in our minds. Be positive and optimistic and those big weights will go up that much easier.

- Omar Isuf