Competing Too Often

Over and over and over I have seen lifters get stuck in the trap of competing too often. It is an understandable urge: we compete in powerlifting because we like lifting heavy shit, and meets are the best place to do it. On top of that, very often when lifters come out of competition they feel that they could’ve lifted more than they did at the meet, either because they performed poorly on the platform and so didn’t hit the numbers they wanted to, or because they performed well which has convinced them they are even stronger than they currently are. This leads many lifters to sign up for a meet right away so they can go hit those 10 or 15lb PRs that they didn’t get at their last meet.

If you find yourself going down this path please, DON’T. This will stunt your growth as a lifter. Competing too often doesn’t allow for building muscle or technique, and it’s all in the pursuit of small PRs. I tell my lifters that at MOST they should be doing one meet every six months, but I feel that once every 8-10 months is usually better. Instead of 10-15lb PRs, I tell them to think about 30-40lb PRs. Instead of the short term mindset of competing again in a few months, I tell them to think long term, about what they want to hit in competition in a year, in two years, in five. I have seen too many lifters hit plateaus and go to meet after meet trying to hit a 5lb PR, and I don’t want to see you go down that road.

So give yourself time, time to build a base, to master your craft, and pick your moments so that when you compete, people can’t help but say “damn, they got strong!”

- Nigel, Kizen Coach (IG @captain.planet)