Recovering from your sessions is so very important, and when you feel like you aren’t recovering… well it sucks. We all want a single, simple answer. Whether it’s using a specific supplement, or taking ice baths after every session, we want one clear, easy thing we can do to fix all of our recovery issues. People are making a lot of money by promising a magic pill, but we know it doesn’t work like that.

It’s important to stay focused on what we know works. Sleep, diet, and programming account for the vast majority of your recovery ability. Are you sleeping enough? Are you eating enough? Is your programming giving you more than your body can handle? Sometimes looking for a gimmick is a way to avoid facing the fact that we can’t handle what we think we can, and we need to rethink our programming.

It’s also okay to be sore. You can still lift if you are sore from your last session. You may not have your absolute best day, but you can still get the work done and keep moving forward. So stop looking for a magic answer to all your recovery problems. Be honest, and address the things you can actually control to make your recovery, and your training better.

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- Team Kizen