If You Fall Off Track, You’ll Be Okay

Look, we are all human. There will always be temptations, and sometimes we’ll give in. Whether it’s a holiday, a birthday, or it’s just been a long week, there are going to be times that you overeat. Unfortunately, when this happens people will often get stuck in a negative thought cycle that goes something like this:

“Well I already cheated on my diet, today is a write off. Might as well eat some more.”

Before you know it, they are getting kicked out of buffets and what started as a cheat meal turned into a cheat week!

You need to know that slip ups happen, and you 100% can recover from them. Your body is pretty damn resilient. You can overeat one day and as long as your weekly calories balance out, you'll be on track.

Most people tend to think of daily calories rather than weekly calories. But taking a look at the bigger picture can help you realize how manageable falling off track is. If you overeat one day, you can under eat a bit over the following days and things will even out. You always have options. Don’t let yourself spiral because you went and had a nice dinner or a few drinks. You have the power and strength to overcome falling off track, and keep moving towards your goal!