Auto Regulation And How You "Feel"

Auto regulation is about how you should train on any day based on how the bar is moving. Not about how you feel. When it comes to lifting, how you feel on any given day, is not always the best indicator on how you will perform that day. Well then, how do you know? You assess the bar speed or how the weight feels relative to your previous lifting sessions.

If you train too hard when you're not feeling well or when the weight isn't moving as it usually does, can lead to accumulating fatigue over time and sabotage your results.

When it comes to programming all it really is, is trying to get the best results for your body, based on your goals. The frequency, reps, sets, build up over time. It's a gradual process and you don't go and train super hard immediately. We want to train with intelligence and patience and auto regulation is a big part of that.

So if the bar isn't moving well based on how it usually does and you aren't feeling your best, auto regulate. Don't go as hard as you normally would. You may have to lower the volume for that day. So if you were going to do 4 sets of 8 reps maybe you do just 3 sets of 6 reps for that session.

On the other hand if you base your workout on how you feel and not on how the bar and weight is actually moving, you can be missing out on progress. Say you are feeling under the weather and you were going to PR that day, test how the bar is moving before you give up or try on that attempt. If it moves as it should/has been then go for that attempt. You may feel bad or slow or just tired, but the bar may be moving the same as it normally does. The opposite can also be true, you could feel absolutely AMAZING but the bar barely moves.

Generally we want to use some sort of benchmark to gauge how the bar moves for all of our sessions. Use certain weights (such as 225 squat) to compare across all of your sessions. Let us know what you think or if you auto regulate yourself.


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