Why And How To Use A Belt

Why should you use a belt? When do we actually use a belt and how do we do so? Well, belts can be used on Squat, Bench, Deadlift and Overhead press and you could even curl with them. The belt increases your intra abdominal pressure by giving you something to brace against. We are trying to inflate our mid line and brace our stomach, sides and low back and be as rigid as we can.

There is no specific time to use a belt. If you are a beginner you CAN use a belt if you want to. There is no weight or experience level you need to hit before belting up. You want to breathe and brace the same way if you have a belt on or not. The belt just helps assist this breathing and bracing. My philosophy on this is, why not? Why not use it as early as possible. The action of breathing and bracing is the same with or without the belt but the mental queue is slightly different.

We even like to train with the belt a little loose. Being able to fit your hand between your stomach and the belt is a good idea because we do not want the belt so tight that it’s pushing your stomach in but not so loose that it moves during a movement. We want to be able to use it to brace, not squeezing you to death. Use this tip as a reference! We just want to be sure its not too loose or too tight. It there to be able to flex against harder than you normally could.

Where to wear the belt? It depends a lot on your body type or what works for you. On a deadlift we might have the belt a little higher while we are pulling conventional so the belt doesn’t stick out. On the squat as a general rule we place it around the belly button but can be adjusted based on your bod.


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