Get A Bigger Back: Vertical Pulls

1. Internally Rotated -> Externally Rotated

2. Depress And Pull With Lats

3. Use Full RoM

4. Bring You Or The Bar To Your Chest

5. Elbows Go Out To In

Its all about the BACK. The back is an area with both big and small muscles so it is sometimes hard to really feel what you should be targeting. So we are not focusing on anything in particular but just overall vertical pulling movement. This is where we tend to notice, more often than not, an internal rotation position, with the elbows out.

The issue with this being, we will then tend to shrug up with the traps over depressing them and pulling with the LATS. This means you are targeting the wrong area consistently, leaving us wondering why we are forever lat-less. We want those lats for that big beautiful back.

If you want to grow your lats you need to learn to go from an internally rotated shoulder to an externally rotated shoulder position. We are a fan of full RoM. So if you want to maximize, start your pull-up from the dead hang position and a pull down bringing the bar towards you and elbows down. Start in your internally rotated position and as you begin to pull you should then slowly externally rotate.

Make sure you are pausing between each rep, with the chest up. Bring yourself to the bar or the bar to the chest. The visual queue you should be using is pulling the bar apart. Elbows go from out to in followed by the bar to the chest. These are the big queues for any vertical pulling movement.


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