We have covered it before but we wanted to cover it again as it is always good to have these in mind while getting ready for or starting your summer shred! These are things you want to have in addition to programming and diet not standalone.

Tip number 1: Stop Drinking Your Calories!

Stop drinking your calories. We know this already right? Well you need to apply it. Focus on the water, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a soda here and there but when we think we are hungry we actually just need that water. It’s a mind game.

Tip number 2: Focus On Protein

Focus on protein every meal. The amount of meals you eat is completely up to you and your lifestyle. Meal frequency is maybe not as important as we have always thought. Whether you are eating out or eating at home be sure to focus mostly on that protein. General rule try for 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight.

Tip number 3: Have A Plan

Have a plan. If you want to go on a road trip or fly to some place for vacation you will usually have a plan. Why would we do it any different for losing weight? Daily, weekly, monthly we want to have a plan for training, activities, life and our meals. You do not need to be locked into Tupperware but know what options will be healthier at whatever location you will be at. Account for things you want to do, if you’re going to an ice cream tasting(is this real?) account for that earlier in the day or for the week. Maybe even add in an extra walk to cut those calories.

Tip number 4: Count Before You Eat

If you’re counting macros or calories, always track your food BEFORE you eat it. This helps with portion control and lets you realize what you are about to eat. Write it down or input it into the app ahead of time. This also helps you learn what kind of calories are in what types of food.

Tip number 5: Focus On Activity

Focus on activity. Obviously the more you move the more calories you burn. No one has ever looked worse by gaining more muscle and losing fat. You can get into any activity, anything you enjoy, and do more of it. It may be yoga, walking, running, basketball, stand more, just anything active. Sprinkle in the activities when you can, they add up.


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