Single Arm Lat Pulldown

This is one of the most underrated movements that targets our lats. It is something we have been doing more and more. This movement is perfect for those that don’t get a lot of stimulation from traditional compound back movements, not everyone will get great back stimulation from movements like pull-ups. This is also great for those that found that primary movement that works for you, but need another movement to really develop the area.

Why The Single Arm Pulldown?

Why the single arm lat pull down? The reason we like this, is because most of us will find out lats right away! We all know the typical straight bar pull down, but the issue with this is that it is harder to control our shoulders. Which leads to a harder time leading with our backs. If you do the underhand variation you will also run into an issue with using too much bicep over using your back.

From a neutral position we get the best of both worlds. We are able to lead with our lats a bit easier and because we are more tucked in we have slightly better control over our shoulders. This can lead to better contractions through the targeted muscle groups. In this case, this is primarily a lat movement with some help from the mid and upper back.

How To Perform The Single Arm Lat Pull Down?

1. Do not lean super far back. This will shorten the lat and it won’t get as much action as we want. What we want is to lean back just enough to get ourself out of the way.

2. Keep your grip in a neutral position. This is a more natural position for you shoulder.

3. The biggest queue for any rowing or pulling movement, not just this one, is break or lead with your scapula. Once we start with the scapula we will then finish the movement with our arm.

If you are having a hard time pulling with your arm, we recommend stopping just shy of full extension. You might need to use less weight but you’ll be hitting the right muscle groups. Let us know what you think!


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