Why Pump Training WON'T Make You Massive

You should not chase the pump! When training we want to look at the big picture. So what do we mean by pump training? Well, don’t solely train with the pump in mind. Honestly, this is what a lot beginners or bros(we didnt want to say it) do, they exclusively do higher rep work. While sometimes, can be a form of progressive overload, they do more reps over time BUT don’t focus on getting stronger. Lifting like this can be good for true beginners but for us natural lifters, after a certain point you can't solely chase that pump.

The only way to incorporate pump training(higher rep, iso movements) is by integrating it into a larger program. You need to do it with something else, you can't exclusively go for pump training. It is tempting to go for it but its not going to provide the gains that you had when you first started. Once you burn out those initial results, there comes a point where you need to do something else in order to grow. This is why you won't meet a truly jacked natural lifter who isn't also pretty strong.

Isolation work is necessary to maximize the muscle growth of certain muscle groups within a strength program. As we said, you need a base to be able to base the hypertrophy/pump work on. Integrating different styles of lifting, bodybuilding, powerlifting, etc, can be very beneficial for making gains. So if you are a person that chases that pump,consider focusing on also getting stronger. Pump work is necessary in the right context, but that alone won't take you to the peak.